The wonders of Isometric creations

I have always been very intrigued about the great looks and illusions of dept that Isometric illiustrations and isometric games can give. So much that I finally decided to give it a shot and try it out.
It kind of reminded me of the time I took the apprenticeship of carpentry – I had to learn some constructional drawing skills. Dots and lines, drawn across a paper could suddently make a figure pop out in 3D. The complex simplicity is similar when making Isometric art.Read More

Forecasting a trello backlog with

Use to create a scrum forecast

I had the need to do a scrum forecast based on Trello cards, this is how I did it.

After struggling with spreadsheets¬†on the side, I decided it was time to make something more dynamic and faster. I bought the domain, and dwelved into the API documentation from Trello. I kept thinking to myself: “It must be possible, there must be a way to make a simple forecast based on some variables”. I had the need to make a scrum forecast based on trello.

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Remove duplicate rows

Remove duplicate rows from google spreadsheet

I needed to remove duplicate rows from a google spreadsheet and regex the last part of the string for each row

I had a specific work case where I should go through a long list of urls and had to extract the string from the last “/”. I was given a long list of URLs, and with no intention of going through each of them manually, I decided to speed up things a bit with a little Google Spreadsheet scripting.¬†I then noticed that there where duplicate URLs in my list – eeek, I need to remove duplicate rows.

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